Friday, September 30, 2011

Driving On to Sioux City……with a side trip through the Badlands

 On Wed. Sept 21st, we planned to leave Glacier NP and start driving towards Sioux City to visit with our son, Brian, so, we were up and about early, and so was Becky. We said our 'goodbyes', hoping that the roads we traveled would bring us back together before too long.

Sept 21, 22, 23rd – These days were spent mostly driving. We had about 1,200 miles to go to get to Sioux City, and we wanted to be there by the weekend. Most of the drive was just back- tracking from a month earlier (after the South Dakota Reunion), so…not much interest in stopping to sight-see……with a couple of exceptions…..

Sept 22 - Passing back through Belle Fourche, South Dakota, we stopped to take note of the monument noting the geographic center of the United States.  Who knew……?
And on our way through South Dakota, we detoured through Badlands National park.
We enjoyed the drive through, and stopped at most of the over looks…..
These Badlands formations consist of layers upon layers of ancient volcanic ash and sediment, hardened into rock.
They had distinct colored bands of yellow, pink and white…….
Giving the whole area a pastel water colored appearance…..
You could almost imagine yourself in some strange ‘moon –scape’ ……
Life in the Badlands seemed scarce……few birds or insects or other creatures.
But, just when you might think that the Badlands were barren and hostile……
These long horned sheep appeared…….They were blissfully walking down the road…..stopping to graze ….seemingly unbothered by our car……
Then, they turned their backs on us and bid us adieu……

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