Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Ingraham Trail (Road) and Cameron Falls

Monday, Sept 5th (Labor Day) we drove out the Ingraham Trail (they call some roads, here, ‘trails’) – a 42 mile road heading east from Yellowknife. Most of this road was paved, but the last section was gravel, though a really nice and relatively smooth road. Along the Ingraham Trail, were many, small lakes – each one beautiful and secluded. Every here and there, we would see a fishing camp, and at the occasional boat launch, a number of boat trailers indicating people were out fishing.


About 28 miles down the Ingraham Trail is the Cameron River and a nice trail to Cameron Falls, which we hiked.


All along the drive, we had noticed the very rocky terrain, which we were able to get an up close look at while hiking.


The guide book for this trail noted that this area was part of the Canadian Pre-Cambrian Shield, and gave geological info all along the way. it is interesting to note the various rock striations which indicate the types of rocks and how many millions of years ago they were formed……


As well as just marvel at the beauty of this area. Some of the rocks reminded us of the ‘Turtle Rocks’ at Petit Jean SP, Arkansas. However, this area, with its trees and vegetation and the kinds of rocks was different than any we had seen before.


We, of course, have been taking LOTS of pictures…….and I am loving the new camera!


Shortly, we came to the Cameron River overlook……


And then, to the falls……..Cascading water has such a ‘draw’ and fascination…….I think that it is the movement and exuberance of the water………


We followed the trail up river where we could see the beginning of the falls…..


Then, across a little bridge to the other side…..I am always amazed to see such beauty…..and such calmness and tranquility……….knowing that, just downstream are the tumult of the falls.


And, it is always fun to appreciate how different the falls look from the other side.


After hiking back to our car, we continued on down the road about 5 more mile, to Rampart Falls, another set of falls on the Cameron River. The hike down to these falls was just about .25 miles…….


and we enjoyed lunch on these rocks at the base of the falls.


The view was spectacular…..


So pristine and untouched…….


The day could not have been better…….beautiful skies, cool temps, a lovely hike…….

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  1. Glad to hear the new camera is working out for you. It's nice to see Fred taking pictures - now that he has his own camera! LOL. I'm looking forward to reading about your photo workshop!

    Waterfalls are wonderful. Am enjoying your journey.