Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Twin Falls- Louise and Alexandra Falls

Aug 31st – Sept 1st – After our morning canoe trip, we drove on up to Twin Falls Territorial Park in the Northwest Territories (about 120 miles), crossing the 60th Parallel at the Alberta border. We were spending 2 nights at Twin Falls, so we settled in for a quiet evening, and planned our sightseeing/hiking for the next day.

Thursday morning was a beautiful, clear, and cool morning. We hiked a short ways from our campsite to Louise Falls, one of several major falls along the Hay River (which we had just canoed).


The trail was lovely and well maintained, but to get a closer view, you had to take a rather impressive spiral staircase down….then more steps down……much easier, though, than climbing down the steep embankment!


Louise Falls was beautiful! The water is clear, but a chocolate brown color, due to the tannins in the water.


We are forever fascinated by the power of water…….


The Hay River below the falls… peaceful, it belies the tumult up river…..


Linking Louise Falls to Alexandra Falls was a lovely 1.5 mile gravel path through a beautiful grove of Aspens.


There were benches and overlooks along the way, as well as story boards which told the history of the Dene Indians who traveled each Summer to Great Slave lake (downriver of the falls). The path follows the Dene portage route, where they would have to carry their canoes around the twin falls.


Alexandra Falls (upriver from Louise) was about twice as high and very impressive.



You can see here where the river has undercut the bank at the falls.


We were able to hike down to the top of Alexandra Falls, where we took a nice break……


And watched the water cascade over the edge……


And, of course, took plenty of photos.   : )


Our campsite, at Twin Falls Territorial park was wonderful……wooded,  with just a touch of that elusive remoteness……a wonderful day spent just enjoying this area…..


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