Saturday, July 31, 2010

Good friends and familiar places -

Yesterday (Friday) we drove familiar roads north - through Sioux City up to Orange City, Iowa; stopping along the way at Le Mars, the “Ice Cream Capital of the World” and home of Blue Bunny Ice Cream. We had to have us a scoop of ice cream, of course.   : )   

Friday evening, we had a wonderful visit talking over old times and catching up with our good friends, Jeff and Sarah, In Orange City, IA, who were gracious enough to put us up for the night.  Thanks guys – It is truly wonderful to see you……

Today – we are driving new roads - - - from Orange City, IA through Sioux Falls, SD and Fargo, ND. We plan to make it to Minot, ND for the night. Then tomorrow, on to Saskatoon, Canada with maybe a bit of sightseeing as we pass through Moose Jaw.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

An Incredible Leap Into the Unknown -

OK –So it’s a bit dramatic for the start of a vacation………but it does feel a bit like that.

                            7-29 leaving2

We got off to a good start this morning – everything loaded up last night, so all we had to do this morning was to hook up and head off.

We stopped for lunch at Charlotte’s Eats and Sweets in Keo, AR (just south of Little Rock) to continue our evaluation of Southern Living’s “Best Pies of the South”. This place is similar to Mammy’s Cupboard (south of Natchez, Miss) only without the Mammy. They served very good sandwiches, and, indeed, the Coconut Cream pie lived up to it’s reputation………..very,very good!   Keo, AR Charlotte's      Keo, AR       

The rest of today we traveled a very familiar road heading towards Iowa. We stopped for the night at Carthage, MO. After setting up the camper, we decided to see if we could find the infamous ‘Precious Moments Chapel’.

DSC00603   DSC00602         DSC00599

But, Alas….. it was closed!  And so, we were spared a total sugar overdose for the day.    ; - )

Monday, July 26, 2010

What does it take…………

…… be gone 3 months?


This is a question that we have been pondering over these last weeks/months. We think….we sort….. we pack and repack. Everything has to work well / efficiently- and be able to do double duty. We have decided that if we have packed enough to be gone for 2 weeks, then we could be gone 3 months, or indefinitely with the same supplies. Groceries will have to be restocked and laundry will have to be done, anyway.

And as we have pared down the items to what we “really” need (and some of the things we just want), we are forced to deal with the issue of “stuff”- the acquisition and collection, the storing and maintaining of “stuff”. If we can get along just fine with the simple belongings that we are packing, then why do/did we need the other ‘stuff’ in the first place?  (No answers here…….just food for thought.   : )

And as we look at the road ahead, we begin to realize that a journey such as this- indeed, all of life- requires faith- Faith in the world (and God in the world) to provide what we need along the way; whether that would be groceries, laundries, gas stations, etc.- Faith in ourselves (and God within us) to be strong, resourceful, flexible and resilient enough to make do with and adapt to what ever conditions may come our way. – And faith in the process of journeying.

So,,,,what does it take to be gone 3 months? Careful preparation and packing……….and faith.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

thoughts on ‘lingering’……

Even with so many things to get done, we find ourselves lingering over coffee in the morning, sitting on the porch just trying to soak up the beauty of our place, and clinging to conversations with family and friends. Wanting to get ‘enough’ to fill us – to last while we are gone……..Yet realizing that we do not leave what we love, it is a part of us that we always carry with us - and that what is left behind is not diminished, but added to, by the experiences we bring back.

Life is multi-faceted – we do not have to choose in our hearts ‘either/or’. We can encompass both the love of home and the spirit of adventure. We can hold two seemingly conflictual images of ourselves – that of ‘homebody’ and that of the ‘wanderer’. Choosing one, does not need to negate the other.

This is a truth that I am coming to recognize and accept in my life……..and in others (the kids?)…………

Sunday, July 18, 2010

More preparations…….and letting go

We spent the weekend in Dallas having a wonderful visit with Sarah & Jason (& Lucky). We had a few last preparations for our journey - a trip to REI, and a welding project that Jason was doing for us – which made for a good chance to see these guys one last time before they move back to Phoenix at the end of this month.

Jason put his welding talents to work making a rack for the back of our camper to hold a generator and gas can. Love the way it turned out!

DSC00550 DSC00553   DSC00554

We have really enjoyed having Sarah & Jason living close enough to visit more often this last year.  Saying goodbye………and letting go…..… always difficult even when new and exciting adventures lay ahead.



Thursday, July 15, 2010

Getting started….


We thought that family and friends might like to keep up with us as we get ready to embark on our next journey. For those of you who have not heard, Fred and I are heading out on an “adventure” this Fall - a tour of the National Parks of the Northwest – beginning with Alaska! We leave in two weeks and plan to be gone about 3 months. It is a journey that has taken lots of planning and a lifetime of dreaming to finally get to the point where we said “let’s just do it!”

We bought a pop-up camper –small, but just the right size for Fred and I (and the occasional guest or two).    : )


We have been spending the last few weeks getting things ready – both for our travels and for leaving things at home………