Monday, July 26, 2010

What does it take…………

…… be gone 3 months?


This is a question that we have been pondering over these last weeks/months. We think….we sort….. we pack and repack. Everything has to work well / efficiently- and be able to do double duty. We have decided that if we have packed enough to be gone for 2 weeks, then we could be gone 3 months, or indefinitely with the same supplies. Groceries will have to be restocked and laundry will have to be done, anyway.

And as we have pared down the items to what we “really” need (and some of the things we just want), we are forced to deal with the issue of “stuff”- the acquisition and collection, the storing and maintaining of “stuff”. If we can get along just fine with the simple belongings that we are packing, then why do/did we need the other ‘stuff’ in the first place?  (No answers here…….just food for thought.   : )

And as we look at the road ahead, we begin to realize that a journey such as this- indeed, all of life- requires faith- Faith in the world (and God in the world) to provide what we need along the way; whether that would be groceries, laundries, gas stations, etc.- Faith in ourselves (and God within us) to be strong, resourceful, flexible and resilient enough to make do with and adapt to what ever conditions may come our way. – And faith in the process of journeying.

So,,,,what does it take to be gone 3 months? Careful preparation and packing……….and faith.

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  1. Amen! You're right on all three counts. May Good Luck follow you on your travels. See you soon!