Tuesday, July 20, 2010

thoughts on ‘lingering’……

Even with so many things to get done, we find ourselves lingering over coffee in the morning, sitting on the porch just trying to soak up the beauty of our place, and clinging to conversations with family and friends. Wanting to get ‘enough’ to fill us – to last while we are gone……..Yet realizing that we do not leave what we love, it is a part of us that we always carry with us - and that what is left behind is not diminished, but added to, by the experiences we bring back.

Life is multi-faceted – we do not have to choose in our hearts ‘either/or’. We can encompass both the love of home and the spirit of adventure. We can hold two seemingly conflictual images of ourselves – that of ‘homebody’ and that of the ‘wanderer’. Choosing one, does not need to negate the other.

This is a truth that I am coming to recognize and accept in my life……..and in others (the kids?)…………

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