Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Glacier National Park–and a visit with a good friend

Sunday, Sept 18th – We got an early start and headed on to Glacier NP, arriving by early afternoon. It had been a blustery drive and the wind was really whipping when we pulled in to the KOA at St Mary on the east side of Glacier. We set up camp, then headed to the visitor’s center to check out some hiking options and a weather report. It was forecast to rain that evening and the next day, but it was supposed to be beautiful on Tuesday. This is the real advantage of staying in one place for a few days….you can wait out any bad weather. 

We had been in touch with our friend, Becky, who was headed to the west coast from Montana and had decided to pass through Glacier on her way. We were both looking forward to a chance to visit and catch up with each other. Becky arrived by early evening, and we settled into a visit, comparing notes on our new cameras, and catching up on our adventures.

Monday, we awoke to a steady drizzle…but, being somewhat optimistic, we headed out in the car to try a short hike. However, when we got to the trailhead, it was pouring! OK, maybe not exactly pouring….but raining much harder than we really wanted to walk in. After touring the visitor’s center and sitting through a film, we went back to our camper and enjoyed staying warm and dry and cozy.

By mid afternoon, we looked out and saw clearing skies! So, we loaded back up to head back to the trailhead…..thinking how good it would feel to get outdoors a bit.

The hike was a short and fairly easy 3 miles round trip to a St Mary Falls and on to Virginia Falls…

The afternoon air was crisp and clean….the river we were hiking along was beautiful…….


Our spirits were high…..and we all seemed ‘giddy’ as we pulled out our cameras and ‘played’….



It was fun to hike slowly……excited about photographing what we saw….


but also excited about just ‘trying out’ different shooting techniques…..You can check out Becky’s wonderful pictures of this hike on her blog about Glacier NP .


We worked to capture the freshness of a raindrop…..


And the rushing of the water……’stopping’ the water by shooting with a fast speed….


Or slowing the shutter speed to ‘blur’ the waterfall……


Fred tried out the recording feature on the camera……

Such a fun afternoon shared with a friend!

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  1. Nice photos Sue (and Fred). You caught my "best" side in that video!! LOL. Had a great time visiting with you - it was fun hearing all about your great adventure up north and seeing the neat pictures you got. Thanks for letting me hang out with y'all again.