Friday, September 2, 2011

Visiting With Brian–Sioux City, IA

Aug 22, 23, 24th- Monday morning, we drove east to Sioux City, IA, to spend several days visiting with our son, Brian. My mother and my sister, Joann, along with my uncles, George and Jim, also were stopping for the night in Sioux City on their way back to Springfield, then Mom and Joann  would head back to Louisiana. Mom and Joann joined us for a visit at Brian’s new house, then we headed out for dinner at Famous Dave’s BBQ (one of our favorites). 

Mom always likes to be able to ‘picture’ her grandchildren at their homes, and Brian sure has a comfortable place to be. He has just about everything that he needs….except his new wife, Bekah, who is finishing her PT school in Delaware.  But…if you have to be apart, you might as well be comfortable……


I love Brian’s kitchen…it is just right for fixing a meal…or chocolate chip cookies…. : )


And his bedroom and office area are comfy……..


Brian tries to take Jade out to a neighborhood school ground every afternoon to play ball…..


Jade REALLY loves to play ball……and she would take turns rolling it to each of us to throw for her.


During our visit, Brian was working, but we met him for lunch on Tuesday, and our good friend, Jeff, joined us. So good to catch up…… we miss you guys!   : )

Just a few days before this visit, we decided that, instead of heading home, we would head North to the Northwest Territories of Canada. The timing just seemed right to catch the Aurora Borealis, as well as the fall colors (and cooler weather) in the tundra……..We  were scheduled for a photography workshop the first part of September, out of Yellowknife, NWT.

We had a bit of getting ready to do. We took the opportunity, while in Sioux City, to get the oil changed in the truck, to do laundry and restock the groceries, and get a pair of insulated rubber boots (for hiking on the Tundra). We also decided to get a new camera with a bit more options and a nice zoom for photographing wildlife.  In the late afternoons and evenings, we enjoyed just hanging out with Brian.

Thursday morning (Aug 25th) saw us heading out of Sioux City, which felt, oddly, like leaving home (we had lived there from 1995-2001). It was hard to leave……..our kids all seem so too away from home……………….but, we will be back through to spend a bit more time with Brian at the end of September.

So, onwards ……towards adventure……

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  1. It was so good to visit with Brian. He does have a very comfortable home---and everything there waiting for the time that Rebekah can be there too. I am glad we could stop there on our way home. And Famous Dave's was a special treat!! Mom