Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Deh Cho Route–Sambaa Deh Falls

Monday, Sept 12th- We left Yellowknife and headed back down to Ft providence (200 miles), and then, turned west on the Deh Cho Hwy, a gravel road that runs east/west through the Northwest Territories, connecting the Mackenzie Hwy to the Liard Hwy and then to the Alaskan Hwy.
We felt that driving this gravel road might be an ‘adventure’…… but it was not too bad. The road surface was pretty good, and we were able to drive 50 mph most of the way.
We stopped for the night, about 80 miles on down the road at Sambaa Deh Falls Park (Aboriginal for ‘Trout River’ falls). The campground was very nice, and the fall leaves were glorious…….
There are two falls in this area……the first was the Sambaa Deh Falls….
Don’t you just LOVE rainbows……..
The second falls was a short walk upriver, through the woods……..
To Coral Falls – named for the large amount of coral fossils that have washed down from the falls. This area was once covered by a great sea……..a fact that I still have trouble wrapping my mind around……
Fred took this photo from WAY out on a rock……I did not get his picture, I was too busy saying “be careful”.
IMG_1599 (1)
That night, we set our alarm for midnight, as we had been doing each night, to try to catch the Aurora……And were rewarded by a fantastic display of lights……..(see the previous blog on the Aurora for pictures)

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