Thursday, September 29, 2011

Glacier, NP -Logan pass

Sept. 20th – Tuesday was a beautiful as the weather forecast had predicted! Cool, crisp and beautiful blue skies! There had been a light dusting of snow up in the mountains…..which looked so ‘perfect’. We decided to drive the “Going to the Sun” road up to Logan Pass to take advantage of the beautiful clear skies with the wonder views which we knew would await us on top of the mountains…….


We hiked a short ways up the Hidden Lakes Trail….


mostly just to enjoy the beautiful alpine meadows along the way…


Then, we decided to hike out a little ways on the Highland Trail……


There was a frost along the rail in the shaded areas which seemed to capture our attention……especially as we tried out the Macro capabilities of our cameras.

DSC07187 (1)


IMG_1897 (1)

The Highline Trail, was getting ready to close for the season, as was Logan pass. Much to my dismay, I found that they had taken down the cables that I had held onto, on the narrow ledge part of the trail, the last time I had hiked this hike! But….I took a deep breath and kept my eyes focused on the trail under my feet….and walked……Holding onto Fred’s hand now and then for security.  The view was worth it! You feel as though you are on top of the world…….


After having gotten by the worst of the narrow ledge section…….we noticed these workmen up ahead. It seemed that a portion of the trail had been covered by a rockslide, and these trail maintenance workers were digging it out and/or fashioning a new section of trail. We probably could have gotten around it, but decided that it just was a bit too narrow for comfort…..for MY comfort, anyway!     : )


We headed back  - yes, back through the narrow part, but I did better the second time. Becky has posted more pictures of this hike……

After a nice lunch in the sunshine, we drove around to Many Glacier. We, marveled at the  beautiful blue glacial waters of Many Glacier Lake…..


And enjoyed some huckleberry ice cream while people watching  a bit. And….as we were sitting in our truck at a trailhead, contemplating a short hike…..a BLACK BEAR happened to stroll right across the trail in front of us! We were all a bit too startled for pictures………

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