Friday, September 16, 2011

Peterson’s Point Lake Lodge

Margaret Peterson, along with her husband, Jim (who died two years ago), has had the Lodge at Point Lake for 30 years, running fishing, hunting, and now, photography trips from late spring until Mid-September each year.

Margaret’s son, Chad and daughter, Amanda, help with the guiding, cooking, and business details, as well as provide a ‘family’ atmosphere.

This area around Point lake is known as the ‘Barren Lands’ or Tundra, and is beautiful…….especially in the Fall, when the Tundra becomes colored with reds and golds, and the caribou are migrating.

If you are interested in finding out more about this lodge, you can look up their web site at:


The Lodge consists of a number of buildings. The larger building on the left in the photo is the main kitchen, dining and living room. the four buildings in the right of the photo are individual cabins which sleep four people each.

IMG_1395 (2)

Each cabin had a sink with a container of water for drinking and washing. Our cabin was divided into two separate rooms, each with a double bed. The enclosed porch was nice for sitting out and enjoying the view, and gave us a place to hang coats and store our dirty boots.

IMG_1309 (2)

The toilet facilities was several, centrally located outhouses. A workable solution to the plumbing issues that come with living on the Tundra and dealing with permafrost. The lodge did have a shower house, with very nice, hot water.   : )


The main Lodge building has a nice kitchen, where Amanda and Margaret made us delicious meals. We had pancakes, or French toast,  or muffins along with fresh fruit and, of course, coffee each morning. Dinners usually featured a local meat, such as caribou or moose or fresh caught fish, prepared as steak or roast or in a lasagna or stew. We really ate well!


After meals, the guides (from left – Bruce, Egan, and George)  doubled as kitchen help….occasionally singing songs while washing up……reminded me of the ‘good ole days’ at home.


The dining room had tables pushed together so that the thirteen of us (all guests and staff included) could sit around and visit. From left - Wayne Lynch visits with Egan and George visits with Roger.

IMG_0977 (1)IMG_0978

The living room was the gathering place, mornings and evenings, with room enough for all to sit. I though that we would be totally isolated….so far from any civilization. But, when the generator was running for a few hours each evening, we had Wi-Fi, complements of satellite internet.


During our days, we would load up in the boats….2-3 guests with a guide……to go look for photo opportunities….caribou, or other interesting wildlife. The weather was chilly……cold on the water! The big floatation jackets kept us nice and warm.


As we cruised along, we would all keep a look out for any caribou up on the hills.



  1. Do the Petersons live there year round--or just summers? Beautiful pictures! May I say though--I am glad you are now headed South! Perhaps one day you'll be home! I miss you! Mom

  2. The Lodge is open July - mid-Sept. They live in Yellowknife the rest of the year.
    Our camper is now heading south! Should be home in a couple of weeks. Miss you, too.