Saturday, September 24, 2011

Changing Seasons–and Time to say Goodbye

Sept 11 – We awoke on our last day at Point Lake to a light snowfall signally that it was time to head home.
If the change in weather wasn’t enough to get my attention……as I looked overhead….flocks of geese were streaming by….heading south. They got the message!
And so…..south we headed, too. First to Yellowknife, then the next day onward, towards Ft. Providence and ultimately home. With hugs all around, we said our ‘goodbyes’  to the new friends that we had made at Point Lake…..hoping that we could stay in touch…..
In the week that we had been up in Yellowknife and at Point Lake, the leaves on the trees had begun changing……..Coloring the roadsides and the woods with gold and orange,
IMG_1554 (2)
.And, as if obeying some primal message…….I felt an urging to go home.  Time to ‘store up’ and tuck in for the winter. 
So….south, and homeward…..sort of! First we were determined to drive the gravel roads, following the Deh Cho Connection ….. west to Ft Simpson, then south through Ft Liard, connecting with the Alaskan Hwy at Ft Nelson and then on to Ft St John and Dawson Creek………

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