Saturday, October 1, 2011

Visiting with Brian (and Jade) in Sioux City, IA

Friday Sept 23rd – Wed Sept 28th – We arrived in Sioux City Friday afternoon and settled the camper in at Stone State Park, a nice campground on the  north side of Sioux City. Then we headed over to Brian’ house to do laundry and a few other chores while waiting for him to get home from work. (Brian has been working as a project engineer for Gelita for 8 months, now). Brian’s house is lovely and very comfortable……and we appreciated being able to just make ourselves at home.


Over the weekend, we enjoyed just hanging out with Brian, taking Jade for walks, and revisiting some old, familiar places. Having lived in Sioux City from 1995-2001, we have a lot of ‘favorite’ places and favorite memories.

We were amazed that we could find the apple orchard where we used to go apple picking, and that they were still in business. We picked a bag full of apples for old times sake. We drove out to Trinity Heights to see the Mary statue that I liked because her skirts look ‘wind blown’ like they would be there in Iowa. Then we drove out to Bacon Creek Park, which turns out to be quite close to Brian’s house and reminisced about taking a family picture out there.

We also enjoyed cooking in Brian’s kitchen…..I have missed having a nice kitchen while we have been traveling……So we fixed waffles one morning and eggs and biscuits another. We also grilled steaks, and made pizza, and fixed a pork roast. And, of course, I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies.   : )

And, we caught up with good friends. We headed up to Orange City to see Jeff and Sara on Sunday evening, and got together with the Ryans and the Kelloggs on Wednesday evening. Catching up and visiting… feels like no time has passed……

We were  heading on out on Thursday morning……..Brian’s wife, Rebekah was coming for a weekend visit on Friday (she is finishing her PT school in Delaware) and we figured that they would like to have the time visiting to themselves.   : )

We said our goodbyes on Wednesday evening……. It is soooo very difficult to leave………

Sioux City will always have that feeling of ‘home’ to us…….always a special place in our hearts……so much more, now, with Brian there……..

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