Monday, October 10, 2011

Settling In and Chores- Oct 2- 9th

Life back at home is not nearly as exciting and eventful as when we are traveling, but, I will try to keep the blog going, anyway…….

We decided to try to take our time settling in, and to not feel that we had to get all the chores done right away. We were fairly successful…..Fred took his time, over several days, to get the grass and weeds mowed. Mowing can sometimes be fun, rather than just a chore. You ride around,  rather slowly, getting to observe and enjoy everything ‘up close and personal’. The weather has been lovely, not too hot, making outdoor chores quite enjoyable.


And the right tools for the job, make the work easier.  Then we just sat back and admire the finished results…  : )


While Fred was doing the yard work, I got caught up on laundry and grocery shopping and spent time putting away some of the things that we had brought home with us (which took cleaning up some of the spaces at home that we had left cluttered).

And, Fred hung our new stained glass pieces that we bought on our travels……This one over the kitchen window is from Quebec.


This one hangs over the bathtub window…..We bought it in Maine, to remind us of all the beaches we have loved…..


In addition to settling in at home, we hit the gym on Monday with a new resolve…..a necessity after 4 months of travel. Our muscles were sore, but we knew that, in the long run, we would feel better for it. I’ll let you know how that goes…. ; )

And, of course, there is family….we had Sunday lunch at Grams and visited with everyone….getting caught up on things since we had been gone. And, on this past Saturday, Sally had a wonderful party for her brother-and-sister-in-law’s 25th wedding anniversary. Sally’s parties are always done with such style….and, this gathering  was a perfect opportunity to showcase Sally’s new kitchen, which looks fantastic, and functions beautifully!

Add in LOTS of porch sitting…..and a visit with our neighbors….and I would say that we had a nice balance for our first week back…….

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