Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011–with Brian and Rebekah

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving in Sioux City, Iowa with Brian and Rebekah – We were delighted to be invited to help celebrate their first Thanksgiving in their new home.
Thanksgiving requires a lot of activity in the kitchen……..
The first time roasting a turkey for Rebekah…… I think that I had been married 20 years before I actually did the whole Thanksgiving meal….turkey and all… myself.
The turkey turned out beautiful! and we had sweet potatoes topped 1/2 with the brown sugar and pecans, and 1/2 with marshmallows.
The table was set with Brian and Rebekah’s “wedding” china and wine glasses…..
Brian learned to carve a turkey from the ‘master’…….
On the menu….. sweet potatoes, turkey, green beans,  dressing and homemade cranberry sauce, and a nice white wine.
Is it just our family who likes to take pictures of the food and then each of us with the food?…….. : )
A wonderful Thanksgiving meal! Then a bit of clean-up……
Meanwhile…..Sarah and Jason (from Phoenix) and Laura and Dave (from Oakland) all traveled to Encinitas, CA to spend Thanksgiving with their Uncle Mike and Aunt Pam. We were able to Skype with them this morning. Technology is wonderful…but, as great as it is to see them on the computer, I still miss being able to hug them ….I will admit to a few  tears……Miss you guys……but it is so good to know that you are having a great time and a good visit with each other.
I feel so blessed this year…..thankful for family and good friends, a home, tasty food, jobs for the kids, and a wonderful life with so many opportunities……I hope that you all had a Happy Thanksgiving, too.
With hugs all around……..


  1. Beautiful photos!! Thanks for sharing with us! Jade, too, has that contented 'Thanksgiving' look!! Brian, Bekah, we miss you!! and send love. Gram

  2. Glad you made it safely there and had a good visit! Have a safe trip back home.