Saturday, June 30, 2012

More Poles at Totem Bight

June 23rd - Our ferry didn’t leave today until 3:30 pm (1:30pm check in time), so we had time to drive just a few miles north of our campground to Totem Bight State park. This park, and its display of totem poles was developed in the 1938 by the CCC.


“By using CCC funds to hire skilled carvers from among the older Natives, two things took place: young artisans learned the art of carving totem poles, and totems, which had been left in the woods to go back into the earth were either repaired or duplicated……The fragments of old poles were laid beside freshly cut cedar logs, and every attempt was made to copy them traditionally.” Hand-made carving tools were used and the paint colors were reproduced using traditional materials, then reproduced using modern paint.


The poles that resulted, and their placement in such a beautiful setting made this one of our favorite totem sites.




This is the view  out to the ocean…..just past the totem poles.


This totem  shows a bear sitting atop the pole….you can see his footprints where he climbed up.

Totem poles are often topped with a bear, or a watchman….or an eagle…..

IMG_6495 (1)

This eagle looks right at home perched on the top of this totem.

Also at Totem Bight was a traditionally styled clan house.


You enter though the portal totem……..


And find yourself inside a clan house with its raised sleeping platforms around the perimeter and a fire pit in the center. A clan house of this size would serve as living quarters for several families and could house from 30-50 people.


The roof was left with a raised open section so that the smoke from the fire pit could escape.

After enjoying Totem Bight State park, we decided to take a drive up to Brown Mountain to see a bit of the scenery. The day was beautiful…..65 degrees and sunny! A good day to enjoy the outdoors.  IMG_6550

OK…..maybe we just missed driving where the pavement ends.   ;- )   we drove up….and up……and around……this one lane, NARROW road……


The scenery was spectacular!


But……we didn’t quite make it to the top…..We stopped when we got to this! Snow still on the road! And NO idea where the next wide spot in the road would be where we could get turned around. So….down (very carefully) we went.

Lunchtime at the camper….and it was time to get lined up for the ferry to Petersburg. Oh – you should have seen Fred’s face when the ferry parking guy told him that they wanted him to BACK  the camper down the ramp to load on the ferry!

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  1. Oh, no! Backing down a ramp onto a boat is my idea of a nightmare! Beautiful pictures, as always.