Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Not Exactly Bryce Canyon…….Pinnacles Provincial Park

June 15th- Just a few miles from 10 Mile Lake, where we are staying, is Pinnacles Provincial Park which was listed on the area map as a “must see”. The write up described colorful pinnacles and hoodoos in an area protected by this Provincial Park.

We followed our GPS directions and when it said we were there, we felt like “Surely not”. We passed by a small parking lot with a small sign designating the Pinnacles Park, thinking that it must just be a side road or pull out or something. But, when continuing on down the road did not turn up an entrance for the Provincial Park, we turned around. Pulling up in the small parking lot, we took the time to read the sign and realized that this must be the place.

We followed a nice trail (really more like a narrow gravel road) for about 1/2 mile to a fenced overlook.


Looking down into the canyon, we spotted a few hoodoo formations…….



And a rock wall where the erosion was causing the development of ‘fins’.

We were not expecting to see the spectacle of Bryce Canyon………but we felt like this park had been somewhat ‘over sold’. Still in all, the walk had been a nice one and along the way we were treated to sweet smell of wild roses.


After this shorter than expected visit to Pinnacles, we stopped by the visitor center in Quesnel to ask about other things to see and do. While we were there, we took advantage of the free Wi-Fi to check email, post a blog and just generally feel more in touch.

At the visitor’s center, we were given a map and told about a nice walk downtown by the river.


It seems like every town has their ‘oldest building’, in this case this building that was built in 1886, which is now a gift shop. And every community on the river has a water wheel on display……


And an historical bridge….This one, built in 1929, was a critical link between the communities on both sides of the river and allowed for one way car traffic until it was turned into a walking bridge in 1972.


We spent a bit of time walking along the riverside and realizing that we are much more interested in seeing the wildlife and waterfalls and nature than we are in sightseeing the towns.

Back at our camper, we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon, then grilled some chicken for dinner.

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