Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wells Gray Provincial Park

June 11th -  As we drove from the campground around Hope, BC up Hwy 5, we remembered just why it was that we were heading up this way. It was beautiful! Spectacular views, as we wound our way through a  mountain range. Green and beautiful and wild…….Passing areas that warned of rock slides and avalanches; that even had small emergency shelters along the road side. In the valley, this ‘wildness’ gave way to equally picturesque farmland. The sky was blue……cloudless, actually, and the temperature, mild. We felt energized….excited…..Ready for this next part of our trip……
We were headed for Wells Gray Provincial Park, a park that runs 65 km from the town of Clearwater, up along the Clearwater River to Clearwater lake. We had read that Wells Gray had a number of beautiful waterfalls, so we planned to spend a couple of nights and check out the beauty of British Columbia. We were not disappointed….
After setting up our camper, we got out to explore the waterfalls…..
Helmcken Falls is on the Murtle River and free falls 462 feet to the pool below. It was breathtaking……
Then, we stopped off at an area called the ‘Mush Bowl’…….
Where the waters of this powerful river…….
Splash and collide over the rocks like a giant washing machine….or a ‘mush bowl’?
And all of that is going on UNDER this bridge. We had driven over this NARROW one lane bridge to get to our campground, and we drove over it, again to see Dawson Falls!
Dawson Falls…..the Canadian Niagara……with a 175 foot expanse. Awesome from this view….
But when we followed the trail to where you were beside the falls and could look right down at the water rushing over……It is thundering! Dizzying…..and humbling….The power of this water!

Note- We went to bed around 9:45pm and it was still light out. When I stirred the next morning and looked at the clock it was 4am and getting light, again. We are heading to the land of the midnight sun!

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