Saturday, June 9, 2012


June 2nd and 3rd – Cape Lookout State Park is just a few miles out of Tillamook, Oregon. Saturday and Sunday we toured Tillamook.

One thing that Tillamook is known for is cheese.


We stopped at the Blue Heron Cheese Outlet and had a tasty lunch, then toured the Tillamook Cheese Factory.


You could look through  a large window down at the production facilities……IMG_5859IMG_5862

And the packaging line. I never knew that so much went into one block of cheese.

On Sunday, we toured the Latimer Quilt and Textile Museum.


We had noticed these ‘quilt blocks’ on the side of many businesses in town. This community created the first ‘Quilt Trail” on the west coast. The blocks are each different, and painted by local artists, then sold to support the museum. With a listing of each business or barn that has bought a block, you can follow the Quilt Trail throughout the county.

The museum hosts changing exhibits……We really liked this one by Sarah Swett that she calls “Slow Literature”



Each panel is a tapestry composed of individually woven letters which tell a fragment of a story….


Enough to catch your attention….and tantalize….but leave you begging to know “the rest of the story”.


And these tapestries….. Very different from the others…IMG_5957

But they, also, seem to tell a story…….

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