Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sea Lions and Harbor Seals at Simpson Reef

May 30th -  Just south of Shore Acres State Park, about 2 miles, Cape Arago State Park and Simpson Reef.  Simpson Reef is one of the most popular reef areas on the Pacific coast for Sea Lions and Harbor seals to congregate.  At this time of year the Stellar sea lions and harbor seals were there by the hundreds.

IMG_5662 (1)

We were on a vantage point about 200 feet above the water and as we gazed out toward the reef we saw a sea lion perched on a rock out in this shallow inlet.  What we did not notice until looking more closely was that there were numerous sea lions sprawled out amongst the rocks enjoying the sun.


All of the above creatures visit this area during the year.  California sea lions visit in August and the Elephant seals and Gray whales usually come through in the spring.

IMG_5669 (1)

These guys were pretty inactive.  They did make a bit of noise and look around occasionally, but they did not seem to motivated to do any sea lion tricks.

IMG_5663 (1)

The Harbor seals were an even lazier bunch.  They didn’t even look up.  If we hadn’t seen movement every now and then, I would have sworn they were all dead.


Well, maybe they had a rough week and needed some well earned rest! Smile

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