Monday, June 25, 2012

Prince Rupert, BC

Tuesday, June 19-  After  driving through some strikingly beautiful landscape and crossing a snow covered mountain pass, we arrived in Prince Rupert, BC, a sizable (for this area) community of about 13,000 people. We settled into the Prince Rupert RV Campground, about  1/2 mile from the Ferry terminal and set about making a list of ‘things to do’ before Thursday, when we set sail on the ferry heading  up the Inside Passage of Alaska.

Top on the list was laundry. Fortunately, the campground had washers and dryers, so this was fairly easily accomplished. Next, we decided to head downtown to look around a bit.



The harbor area was cute…..a few nice gift shops and restaurants, and a busy marina.


We browsed the shops, then had dinner at Breakers Pub. Sitting next to the window, we were able to watch the comings and goings at the marina.


These fishermen had come in and worked on cleaning their catch…..every now and then tossing the bits and pieces into the water……

IMG_6288 (1)

Where several really cute harbor seals waited patiently.

IMG_6304 (1)

Now, who could resist such a face……..?

IMG_6309 (1)IMG_6308 (1)

The seals were not the only ones looking for a handout. These eagles were hanging around, hoping to snag a bite. They soared overhead (It is very difficult to get a picture that does justice to them).

IMG_6295 (2)IMG_6301 (2)

And, they perched in trees and on light posts, or radio towers……..We saw, perhaps, 6 or so eagles, but were told that as many as 40 might congregate when they throw out fish parts to them (for the cruise ship tourists to get pictures). The brown and white mottled bird on the right is an immature eagle. They are full sized at about 6 months, but don’t get their adult coloration for about 2 years.

IMG_6326 (1)

This guy, we were told, is a regular….He maintains watch over the marina from this tower. We were so thrilled to watch the eagles!  We had only seen a few, before, and those only at a distance.

Wednesday, June 20th- A bit of an errand day……In the morning, we had an appointment with a veterinarian for Jade who needed an updated International Health Certificate to travel to Alaska. Then, a trip to the ferry terminal to check on our tickets, lunch of fresh Halibut fish and chips at a local restaurant, a bit more sightseeing, then off to the grocery store and back to the camper to get organized for the ferry ride in the morning.

Thursday June 21st- Today started early……2:50 am! Our ferry was scheduled to leave at 6:30 am, and we were told that since we are traveling onboard with the truck and travel trailer, we needed to be there at 3:30 to line up and get processed for the ferry. It really is a matter of hurry up and wait….but we finally got all our tickets processed for all of our different stops, and got in line. Thank goodness for a travel cup of coffee!

Pets are welcome on the ferry, but must stay in the vehicle or camper. After driving our rig on board, we settled Jade in the camper and headed up on deck for a bit of breakfast from the cafeteria and a chance to just sit and enjoy the ferry ride to Ketchikan.

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  1. The eagles are really cool! So big!