Sunday, June 3, 2012

Watching the Tide Roll In…… Sunset Bay State Park, Oregon

May 29th – We left the Redwoods and drove on up the Oregon coast. We will spend the next 3 nights at Sunset Bay State Park (just south of Coos Bay, Oregon). This has been a good rhythm… spend at least 3 nights in most places. That gives us time to settle in and get the ‘feel’ of an area.


We have enjoyed having the time to just ‘soak up’ the sand and the sea……


We made a point of stopping at a number of overlooks on our drive, and even pulled off at one overlook to enjoy our sandwiches for lunch. It really is too bad that we can’t just park the camper here and stay for the night.


The beach at Sunset Bay is just a short walk from our campsite. We walked along the beach and were surprised to see these tree stumps uncovered by the low tide.


The Bay provided a sheltered area for little sailboats to sail right up. The larger schooner could brave the waves outside of the sheltering rocks.


We have been able to really spend time enjoying the seaside…..watching the tides and waves rolling in…..The sea is both comforting and deep……ever changing…….or forever a constant?

My thoughts and mood have been running a bit deeper, lately, and I find myself looking at life… life and life in general…..and questioning. The big questions……of purpose, meaning and place in this world……

Interwoven and intermingled with the travel and the sightseeing the adventures and the wonders of this beautiful country are those deeper thoughts. Those who know me know that it is not all that unusual for me to drift off in this direction. It is not the traveling, or the seaside…..they are not the impetus…nor the escape……

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