Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Elk Viewing at Dean Elk Preserve

May 31st- While watching the sea lions and harbor seals, we chatted with an Oregon resident who told us about an Elk preserve just north of us at Reedsport, Oregon.  We decided to drive up the coast and check it out.


Apparently, these Elk get a lot of visitors.  They were not shy at all.


This area is several miles inland from the coast and included a large meadow and wet lands area.  The whole area seemed to be teeming with life. 


It was a beautiful day with the sun shining and the Elk were grazing and resting in the meadow area.


The youngsters seemed to perk up when they noticed us.  They kept and eye on us as we moved around trying to get a good angle for a photo.


The older group must have been old hands at this tourist business as they did not even bother to get up.



We moved from the meadow down to the wet lands area and listened to the birds singing.

IMG_5733 (1)\

It was very peaceful.

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