Sunday, July 1, 2012

Evening Sunlight - The Ferry to Petersburg, AK

June 23-24th- The ferry ride from Ketchikan to Petersburg was beautiful. The sky was clear, but the wind had picked up. We boarded the ferry about 2:30 pm and would arrive in Petersburg at 1:30 am! I mentioned that one has to be adaptable…….

I had reserved a stateroom for this trip, thinking that it might be nice to catch a couple of hours of sleep before we arrived. We were pleasantly surprised to discover that we also had a bathroom with a shower, which we took full advantage of. It is always a bonus to be able to take a nice, hot, LONG shower without using the water from the camper’s storage.

The ferry made a short stop in Wrangell about 9:30pm. We watched from the deck as Wrangell came into view.


The evening light was just amazing as it lit up the small community of Wrangell……….

IMG_6564 (2)

And fell upon a group of seagulls that were ‘hitching a ride’ on a floating log.

IMG_6558 (1)

And graced the wings of a gull in flight.

IMG_6569 (1)

The Alaskan landscape took on an icy color in the east…….


As we watched the sun set from the deck of the ferry. Funny thing about Alaska, though, the sun sets, but it stays ‘dusky’ for several more hours.

In Wrangell, we were able to go below to the car deck and check on Jade and take her off the ferry for a short walk. About 10:30pm, we headed to our berth to catch a bit of sleep.

Arriving in Petersburg, we had planned to stay the night (what was left of it) in an RV ‘staging area’ that we had read about in our guide book. The city had set aside a parking area for just this purpose. However, when we got there, we discovered that the parking area had been dug up in preparation for the new city library. Good for them….but bad for us.

We drove back to the ferry parking lot and  just ‘boon docked’ it for the night. At 2am, I didn’t care where we slept! We parked the camper and crawled into bed and crashed…..

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