Thursday, July 19, 2012

On Eagles Wings

These are some of my favorite eagle shots……all shot in Valdez. A number of the ‘birds in flight’ are a bit blurry. I have not perfected the point, focus, and shoot. You have to be really fast to catch an eagle……..

IMG_7666 (3)_edited-1IMG_7678 (1)_thumb

IMG_7677 (2)

IMG_7675 (2)

IMG_7674 (1)_thumb

IMG_7690 (1)

IMG_7686 (2)IMG_7681 (1)

IMG_7676 (1)_thumb[1]IMG_7707 (1)IMG_7700_thumbIMG_7701_thumbIMG_7710 (1)_thumbIMG_7702 (1)_thumbIMG_7704 (1)_thumbIMG_7705 (1)_thumb


  1. WOW! Beautiful! Fantastic pictures!

  2. Love that first picture. Sharp with lots of detail and a great angle! It really shows off the "fierce" quality of the Eagle.