Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Watching the Salmon Run

July 12th- We had a full day ahead of us in the Valdez area. We woke up and had a leisurely morning and a late breakfast in one of the local restaurants. I really love having breakfast out from time to time.   : )

In the afternoon, at low tide, we drove out  to the Solomon Gulch salmon hatchery  to watch the salmon running upstream, and perhaps catch sight of a bear feeding on the salmon (though the visitors center lady told us that they have not been seeing many bears).


We had heard that this spot was a favorite for local fishing, but we did not expect to find the crowds…….and, no self respecting bear would be hanging out here……


There were A LOT of people fishing these waters…….a phenomenon known, locally, as ‘combat fishing’.


Everyone wanted to be right there where the salmon were heading up stream.


The beach was more deserted……


Only a handful of dedicated fishermen were lined up.


Along with a bunch of seagulls……

IMG_7673 (1)

And quite a few eagles……..waiting for a catch……


Or keeping their ‘eagle eye’ on dinner.

And speaking of fish for dinner……we went by a fish processing company while in Valdez and had an order of fish shipped home to enjoy when we get back. That’s my kind of souvenir.   ;- )

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