Friday, July 13, 2012

From Haines, AK to Kluane Lake, Yukon, Canada

Sunday, July 8th- After listening to rain pattering on our camper top all night, we woke up this morning to a rare sight… sky and sunshine!


We had decided to head on out, feeling like we had ‘done’ Haines pretty thoroughly on our last trip, and being a bit eager to get on out to the ‘wilder’ parts of Alaska. Also, we were ready to be out of the damp of the rainforest and on to something else……

Traveling the Haines Hwy was certainly a taste of something more remote…..IMG_7485

Rainforest gave way to open plains as we crossed the summit of this mountain range at about 3,300 feet.


The mountains were still snowcapped, with evidence of a light dusting of fresh snow in places.

The scenery was stunning….but there were few pull-offs or chances for photos……We kept our eyes out for wildlife, and saw 3 bears. Two young ones in one sighting and a larger one later. All of them were Black bears, and none of them stuck around for a photo.   : (

We stopped in Haines Junction, and we were, again, struck by how much of the town we remembered. The Village Bakery held fond memories for their mochas as well as free Wi-Fi. Of course, we stopped….But the Visitors Center…..they had moved! They now have a big new facility they share with the local Native Cultural Center. I guess this small town of about 800 people has enough traffic coming through on the Al-Can Hwy for such a nice visitors center.

We stopped in at this little log church…..Saint Christopher's Anglican Episcopal.


We did not remember seeing it on our last visit.


The feeling was small and intimate….and peaceful.


I loved the altar decorations that are quilted.

In Haines Junction, we visited with the Kluane National Park Ranger at the visitors center to find out about hikes in the area. We planned to stay along Kluane Lake and wanted to spend an extra day hiking in the Kluane area.


From Haines Junction, we turned up Hwy 1, the Al-Can or Alaskan Hwy. We had driven this section of road twice before, and both times had stayed at Cottonwood Campground on Kluane Lake, one of the nicest private campgrounds and our destination for tonight. The sun was shining and life is good! Lake on one side of us…..


And mountains on the other……


Kluane lake is beautiful! Blue, blue water….


Ringed by snowcapped mountains. A gravel beach to walk on with the waves gently lapping at the shore.


The fireweed is in full bloom, framing the shoreline with purple flowers. The weather forecast calls for another nice day tomorrow……Steaks on the grill for dinner…..Yes, life is good!

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