Friday, June 3, 2011

More Preparations……

Saturday May 28th- here at last!  Brian and his Groomsmen got ready early and, along with Fred and I, met the photographer for a few pre-wedding just-the guys photos. I, of course, pulled out my camera and started shooting – trying as best as I could to stay out of the way of the professional.


Getting a bit of ‘advice’ from the old man…..


A bit of help on the shirt studs from his cousin, Andy


Moral support from the ‘Jessies’ (both are friends of Brian’s from LA Tech)


And a bit of practice in just ‘looking cool"’ ……….from left, Jessie L., Brian, Jessie O., Andy, and David (the only one in this group who has ‘been there’, already!)

Time to get this show on the road……….

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