Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Friday May 27th–visiting at the hotel

Let me first say that it has been a vey wonderful, busy, exciting, happy and emotional past week. We arrived in Delaware on Wednesday the 25th, parked the camper in our usual place at Lums Pond State Park, and drove on up to the Philadelphia airport to pick up Brian, who was flying in from Sioux City, Iowa. Then we drove back to Brian and Rebekah’s Delaware apartment and picked up Rebekah’s friend Katie, who had arrived earlier. Rebekah was in class until 9pm, so we headed to supper, then back to the apartment to visit all together for a bit.

Thursday, we packed our travel bags and left the camper parked at Lums Pond, while we headed on to the Baltimore Hilton Garden Inn close to the airport, where we would all gather and stay for the wedding. Thursday was a long day of waiting for everyone to arrive, with many flight delays due to bad weather across the country, though it was bright and sunny in Baltimore.

Friday morning, all had arrived safe and sound, and we all gathered in the hotel lobby to visit. We have some nephews/cousins and their wives and families who live in the Baltimore area and they came by to visit. Art and Sarah and their daughter Violet, Allan and his little boy, Dante (wife, Emily, was out of town), and Brian and Kristen and their son, John, brightened the lobby and added to the ‘festivities’ while they visited with the out of towners.


from left – Art, Laura, Dave, Tim, Brian, Andy, Jessie L. hanging out in the hotel lobby.


Brian and Jessie L. (one of the groomsmen and Brian’s friend from LATech) and Fred


Art and Laura catch up – Art, and his brother Allan, are my first cousin Ruth Ann’s sons. So, 2nd cousins to our children?


My mom visits with Brian C. (who is my cousin Bab’s son)


We ‘corralled’ the little ones as best we could in the corner of the lobby. Here Kristen (who is expecting their 2nd child next month) watches her son, John, play as little Violet and her mom, Sarah and my sister, Missy look on.


Allan helps keep Dante’s attention with a book.


From Emeryville, CA - Daughter, Laura, and her husband, Dave.


Brian visiting with his cousin Andy and Quinn (Andy’s fiancé), who will be getting married in July. Andy and Quinn arrived from New Orleans.

So good to have a chance to visit with everyone! Seems like just yesterday that these young people with little ones were just ‘little ones’ themselves…….


  1. I love the photos! That was a very special day.Mom

  2. Glad to see that you all made it safely there. Hope the wedding goes off without a hitch!