Saturday, June 4, 2011

Love and Celebration!

Introducing….Mr. and Mrs. Elliott!!


Welcome to our family, Rebekah! We wish you and Brian all the happiness and love in the world!


Just a side note, here- I do not have any photos just before the ceremony (I was WAY to busy and excited!) and none during the ceremony. (I left those up to the professional photographer.) After the ceremony, the wedding party and parents headed to a picturesque park by a lake to take a few shots. And I (of course) pulled out my camera to grab a few shots. So I have to, once again, apologize for the out of focus shots and the funky ‘line of sighting’ as I was trying to not knock the real photographer out of the way. : )


The groomsmen and brides maids all assembled…….the younger girls are Rebekah’s sisters, Elizabeth and Mary Grace.


Brides maids and groomsmen – Rachael, Rebekah’s next younger sister and Jessie O. Shannon, a friend of Rebekah’s from Slidell. LA and Jessie L.


Katie, Rebekah’s friend from Wisconsin and Brian’s cousin, Andy. Brian’s sister, Laura and her husband, David


Rebekah’s mom, Annette, and her littlest one, Mary Grace.


At the reception………. a first dance to "Marry Me" by Train.


Then Rebekah dances with her father, Jim, a Captain in the US Coast Guard. Brian and I join them on the dance floor to share a special moment.DSC03888

We all enjoy a wonderful buffet dinner catered by a local Italian Restaurant.

The new couple have their own table……

A picture of the Elliotts (Fred and brothers, wives, etc.,) From left- me, Fred, youngest brother John, Mike’s wife Pam, John’s wife Kelly, John and Kelly’s daughter, Krysten, and Mike, the middle brother.


Fred, daughter Laura, and our son-in-law, David. Our middle daughter Sarah was, unfutunately, unable to be here, but was certinly in our thoughts.


Then there was dancing…………….


And just a bit of nose tweaking!


Time for the wedding cake! The sword was Rebekah’s grandfather’s sword from his service in the Coast Guard.


It is a Military tradition to cut the wedding cake with your sword. In remembrance of her grandfather, Rebekah wanted to include this tradition.

The whole wedding and celebration was just perfect! Many thanks for all who made it possible.....Annette and Jim, for all the planning and preparation......Brother-in-law Decon Tim for adding the warm, personal touch to the wedding ceremony.....all the family and friends who traveled distances and put up with flight delays and/or traffic to share this special time with all of us......and those who could not be here, for holding us in your hearts.

Congratulations, Brian and Rebekah!


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