Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Exploring Around the Cambridge Valley

I decided that I have WAY more pictures and stories from this area than I have time to write about! So…forgive me while I do a bit of a summary of this past week…….

This has been a very nice week of exploring this area. We down-shifted our usual style a bit and just set about finding a few interesting things to fill the week. By the way, we are really enjoying ourselves….. and the Airstream is VERY comfortable and makes traveling so easy.  : )

After touring the towns of Cambridge and Salem , which are quaint, but a bit ‘sleepy’ (that means that it really didn’t take too very long to see all there was)    ; )  on Wednesday, we headed over to tour Ft. Ticonderoga, on Thursday. This fort was the site of battles in both the French and Indian wars and in the Revolutionary war.



Ticonderoga sits at a very strategic point between the Champlain canal and lake George. He who controlled this passage controlled the transportation of goods in this area.

Adjacent to the Fort, was “The King’s Garden” , a very beautiful garden and grounds of The Pavilion, an old hotel that was opened in the 1800’s to provide for the tourists who came to see Ft. Ticonderoga. See my next Blog for these pictures……..

After touring Ft. Ticonderoga in the morning, we spent the afternoon hiking up Cook Mountain. It was a nice 3 mile round trip hike, a bit steep in parts, but very beautiful……..



With a VERY nice overlook of Lake George.


On Friday, we drove over to Hudson Falls and Ft. Edward, NY,

At Ft. Edwards we looked at an old set of Locks on a feeder canal that was used to transport boats up and down the canal around a section of the Hudson River that was not navigable.


An amazing feat of construction!


We also toured around Ft. Edward and the Old Fort House Museum, which I had included in a previous blog, and had a nice lunch out.

Then, early to bed, because Saturday was going to be a busy and exciting day…….

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  1. Jackets? No fair. It is 109 heat index and I moved boxes up and down stairs for colin then sat at the ballpark. And then sat at the ballpark. And then sat at the ballpark. I think you got the picture.