Monday, June 6, 2011

The Covered Bridges of Washington County

Another thing that we discovered here in Washington County, New York, was covered bridges. (I thought that they were unique to Iowa!) They have a number of them, and it seemed like every time we took a back road, we found one. Each bridge is different…..


The Buskirk Bridge was built using a Howe Truss system and spans 165 ft. over the Hoosic River. The sigh on the front of this bridge lists a $25 fine for driving faster than a walk.




The Shushan Bridge was converted into a museum in 1975. Unfortunately it was not opened when we went by. It spanned 160 ft. across the Battenkill River. And the fine for speeding (faster than a walk) on this bridge is only $5!



This covered footbridge is in downtown Cambridge. It is the oldest covered footbridge in the North East. It was originally built in 1890 for the workers of the Rice Seed Company to give them convenient access to work.


The Rexleigh Bridge was built in 1874 and spans 107 ft across the Battenkill River. I neglected to get a picture of its cast iron shoes…….




These ruins were beside the Rexleigh Bridge. We could not get around to them – they were fenced off. It left us wondering what they were……..

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  1. Parke County, Indiana is the "Covered Bridge Capital of the World" and they have a 10-day festival every October!