Thursday, June 23, 2011

Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Sunday June 12th – We left New Hampshire and headed east, to Boothbay harbor and the coast of Maine. The weather was still a bit rainy and cool, but clearing skies were promised for the rest of the week.

Our plan was to stay in a campground just out of Boothbay harbor, chosen for the central location to several  coastal peninsulas with cute looking harbor towns. We spent the next 3 days exploring the Maine coast and soaking up the seaside atmosphere.. ….and eating as much lobster and crab as we could find……with  blueberry pie made from wild Maine blueberries for dessert, of course!



We saw many boats loaded down with lobster traps…..


The trap lines are marked with these floats. Each fisherman has his own uniquely marked float, and stealing each other’s catch is just not done.


Fred demonstrates how to eat a whole steamed lobster…….you twist off the head and  eat the tail and claws….. kind of like a crawfish, only much bigger!


Our days took on an easy feel. We strolled through quaint towns, looking at the unique architecture and shopping the artisan shops…..


We toured whatever buildings were open…..



We walked dockside and enjoyed the smell of the ocean…….


And settled into the quiet rhythm of seaside life……

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