Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Lupine Festival–Sugar Hill, New Hampshire

The day after our incredible hike at Franconia Ridge, it seemed like a late morning and a pancake breakfast were in order…. so we went to Polly’s Pancake House (see previous blog on Tastes of the Northeast) and ‘re-fueled’.      : )

While at Polly’s we found out that the little town of Sugar Hill, just up the road, was having their Lupine Festival (kind of like the Tulip Festival, but with lupines). How could we resist…..

The Lupines were beautiful…..and everywhere! Fields of them!  And the little town square had all kinds of tents set up with arts and crafts……real ones, like in Orange City, not the ‘trinkets’ that some festivals have. We strolled around a bit, then headed back to our camper.

The weather was misty rain, with thunderstorms forecast for the afternoon. That suited us just fine….as our legs were sore and we were more in the mood for a quiet day, anyway.






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