Monday, September 27, 2010

Yosemite NP – Hiking to Vernal Falls

Laura and Dave joined us at Yosemite NP for the weekend. On Friday, Sept 24th, we hiked up to Vernal Falls – a 6.8 mile round trip hike with a total 1400 ft elevation gain. The day was beautiful…not a cloud in the sky….a bit cool. but warming up to the high 70’s.



The Sierra mountains are just awesome!…….


This is Vernal Falls from the bottom….


And closer…….it always amazes me what power water has! Carving the rock….


And creating rainbows…….


To get to the top of the falls….one has to climb… this case, over 600 steps up the granite face (that’s what the book said, I did not count them!) this picture was taken from the top, looking down.


This is taken from the top of the falls…….


Just past Vernal Falls was a beautiful pool…..a perfect spot to have lunch.


We were joined by a blue jay…..somebody called this a Stellar Blue Jay?  


Further up the trail, you could see a great view of Half-Dome mountain. This mountain is well know  to rock climbers for its difficulty -   we met several people at the park who had climbed it.


Heading back down…this part was a loop trail so we did not have to climb down those 600 steps (thank goodness)!


A wonderful hike….and back to camp by 4 pm…. We fixed pizza for supper, and enjoyed a campfire (with roasted marshmallows, of course).

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