Thursday, September 16, 2010

Old Faithful Inn

Tues Sept 7th - We spent Tues night at the Old Faithful Inn.


This Inn was constructed, like many of the other lodges, from  lodge pole pines and rock found locally. It has the original giant clock on the fireplace (unfortunately, it was not in working order.)


This is the main lobby – picture taken from the balcony.



Our room in the original section of the Inn was quaint. It did not have a private bath, but shared a bath down the hall.



The Old Faithful Inn is situated just beside Old Faithful Geyser, so that visitors could view the geyser from the balcony. And, the Inn conveniently had a coffee bar where Fred and I got a mocha to enjoy while we were waiting for Old Faithful to erupt.   : )


The weather for the next two days of our visit turned off cooler and windy with occasional misty rain. We were still able to get out and sightsee, but we have learned to make ourselves comfortable in the lodges. We spent several hours on the balcony of the Inn, warming up and people watching. 

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  1. That inn is a really interesting building. I love how you can watch Old Faithful erupt from the balcony.