Friday, September 3, 2010

Glacier NP

St. Mary’s campground in Glacier Park is nice. We have a wooded site which feels rather private and is convenient to the bathroom and to a water faucet. No electricity (none in any of the Glacier Parks campgrounds) and no showers (which is rather unusual for a National Park), but the bath has flush toilets and sinks with running water (cold only). So…overall, quite nice. We have stays in the Glacier Park Lodge and the Many Glacier Hotel planned for this week, so the lack of showers is not a problem.  Our plan for this week in Glacier is to hike a nice hike in each area of the park, and to really enjoy the stays in the lodges.

Glacier NP is just as beautiful as I thought it would be…….Our hikes, so far (we had gotten recommendations from the visitor’s center staff) have been just right – about 4 miles, not TOO much elevation gain (though you know when it says “overlook” you will have to walk up hill) and very nice views all along the way.

On Monday, we hiked out to St. Mary’s Falls and on to several other falls. The weather was just beautiful…sun shining and not too cool….it just beckoned….


This is St. Mary’s Lake….



And St. Mary’s Falls……


The water draws one to follow……




Along the path…….


A magical moment………

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