Thursday, September 2, 2010

Drive to Glacier NP - Catching up

I’m afraid that I have  gotten behind on my posts. When we are busy, I don’t really have the time to write. I have been writing more when we are “on the road” with Fred driving and me writing, but the scenery on the drive from Jasper, through Banff on the “Ice Fields Parkway” then on to Glacier NP was so beautiful that I couldn’t bring myself to bury my head in the computer.

We left Jasper NP on Sun Aug 29th heading to Glacier NP. The drive was every bit as beautiful as it was promised to be.


With snow capped mountains……….


And, unbelievably, snow on the trees and hillside from the night before!



And wildlife….these goats …….


and this black bear…..were just beside the road.


And amazing water falls……


This is Sunwapta Falls…….


And Athabasca Falls…..


And the most amazing turquoise waters of Peyto Lake ……


We arrived at Glacier NP around 5:30 pm, set up camp, ate dinner (left over steak made great fajitas) and then went to check out the visitor’s center and listen to a presentation on Grizzly bears……..after which, we bought some bear spray………….

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