Monday, September 13, 2010

Driving along

Just a note- As we were driving along on I 84 heading to Boise, Idaho (where I think that we will spend the night) I realized that this is the first Interstate that we have driven on since we left Iowa on July 30th, six weeks ago. We stopped at a rest area – a REAL rest area with inside, flush toilets…..ahhh the little luxuries.  : )    I like highway driving with the nice scenery and cute towns, but there is something to be said for interstates when you want to get somewhere.

And the temperature is 81 degrees. We had two gloriously beautiful, sunny days at Grand Teton NP, but the low temp was around 30-34 degrees with a high of 60 degrees one day and 71 the next. Warm feels nice for a change.   

I have a good AT&T cell phone signal and my Virgin Mobile internet is working. I can look up places to see or places to stay and call them to check them out. Feels good to be a bit more back in touch……..

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