Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Film Crew

July 17-20th- When we arrived at camp – actually, when we arrived at the airport to fly into camp – we were told that there would be a film crew at camp while we were there. We flew over with John, one of the crew members.


This film crew consisted of 4 guys, two from England and two from the States. They were on contract with Disney Studios to get film footage for an upcoming film called “Grizzly Bear”. This will be part of a series that Disney has been doing on wild animals, and is scheduled for release on Earth Day 2014.


It was fun to watch them work. They most often went out with Simyra to shoot…..but we all ended up in the meadow, where the bears were.


They got some awesome, up close footage.

IMG_8009 (1)

But, they also spent a lot of time just filming the rather boring life of a bear…….grazing and just wandering around. This first year of production is to film as much footage as possible. Then, it will be reviewed over the winter, and, next year the crew will be sent out to get more specific shots. The crew planned to shoot exclusively on Katmai and Kodiak Islands.


Warrick, the guy in black, from England, had been at Hallo Bay for 4 weeks already, and was rained out for 2 of those weeks. Ollie, also from England had just arrived to be the ‘muscle’, or equipment manager. …IMG_8740 (1)IMG_8470

Warrick seemed to be the head film guy, while Ollie did occasionally pull out this really big camera to shoot some stills.


The Americans, John and Jim, packed up an amazing amount of gear and batteries and, with some of the Hallo Bay staff,  set up a remote camp location where they would be living and filming for the next two months.

It was quite an education to see the workings of an ‘on location’ film crew. I can’t wait for the movie to come out…..

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