Sunday, August 5, 2012

Anchorage - Eagerly Awaiting

Wed. July 25th – Sun. July 29th – We had been through Anchorage any number of times on our last trip to Alaska, but had never stopped to spend any real time sightseeing here. We planned to stay in Anchorage until we picked up Laura and Dave on Sunday the 29th, so we had several days to get the ‘lay of the land’ and still get a few chores done. We chose to stay in Centennial Campground on the east side of town.

We had asked the rangers at the campground for their recommendation of a good place to eat. The overall winner was the Moose’s Tooth pizza place. We were told that it was where the locals hang out, so we went. It was packed! On a Wednesday evening! But, they said it was always like that. And it was good! During the week, whenever we would ask about a favorite restaurant, the Moose’s Tooth was the most mentioned place. So….we picked right. And it WAS very good pizza.

IMG_8780 (1)

Thursday, we stopped by the Visitors center, downtown, to ask about what we might want to see. The first thing that the lady at the center said was to look outside. There was a rare sight……clear sky and a view of Mt. McKinley, about 150 miles away! It doesn’t look like much in the picture, but it is a rare sight, and a rare day in Anchorage that is so beautiful.


We toured the downtown Anchorage area, which has some nice shops and  restaurants, but looks mostly like a fairly modern downtown….except for maybe the occasional really ugly fish sculpture. Halibut sure are UGLY… eye migrates around to the other side, so they end up with both eyes on the same side. Weird.

Friday, we took the opportunity to get some of that ‘personal grooming’ done. Fred got his hair cut, and, thanks to PetCo, Jade even got groomed. Jade wanted to be nice and sweet smelling for when Laura and Dave love all over her.  : )    We also drove out to the Wasilla/Palmer area to check out some of our arrangements for the coming week.

Saturday, we took some time to go for a nice walk with Jade on the Campbell Creek trail.


This trail system is a wonderful, paved  bike/hike trail that crosses back and forth over Campbell Creek in Mid-town Anchorage.


Campbell Creek is supposed to be a good place to view the salmon when they are running, but we did not see any.


We did see lots of people enjoying the beautiful weather. It was 68 degrees and sunny. It felt warm……


This little playground was at the beginning of this trail. The feeling we had was that this paved trail was used as a neighborhood bike/hike/jogging trail. We saw mostly local folks, enjoying a nice summer weekend. This is the kind of thing we like….We feel like we get a ‘real’ feel for a town.

Sunday- a day for laundry, groceries, blog writing, and getting ready for the kids. Laura and Dave get in at 7:20pm, and we have a full two weeks planned!  I doubt that I will get any more blogs written and posted until after they leave, so please forgive the ‘down time’.

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