Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mom and Cub

The mother Grizzly Bear usually has 1-3 cubs at a time. The survival rate for the cubs is only about 50 percent in the first year, and the mom will keep her cubs with her for 3 years before kicking them out on their own. Their bond is so wonderful to watch. Mother Grizzly bears are the fiercest animals on the planet. They will attack with absolute ferociousness if they feel that their cub is in danger.

We watched this mom and her 3 year old cub hang out along the edge of the woods by the meadow…..


Until one evening, she brought the cub out to the middle to graze.


The mom is magnificent….in full coat…..and always keeping a watchful eye on her baby.


The cub… cute and cuddly… playful and trusting looking.


Mom watched us closely…..


The cub had to stand up to get a better view.


But, momma had a few words to say about that!


A contrite baby comes in for a nuzzle……


This time, the cub stayed a bit closer to mom…..

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  1. So amazing to be able to watch the same bears for a long time. Great photos! Joann