Thursday, August 23, 2012

Denali Animal Sightings–Moose and Caribou

Aug 3-6th - We were always on the lookout for wildlife as we drove through Denali…….


These tow moose were spotted on drive from visitor’s center to Savage River Campground. This first moose was on the side of the road and walked just behind our car…..I was too slow with the camera to catch anything but his backside as he wandered back into the brush.

IMG_8935 (1)

We spotted this second moose laying down in the willows, which, by the way, is their favorite food.


On our way from the campground to the Savage River overlook, we noticed a group of people along the road. Usually, that means that they are looking at something……

IMG_8941 (1)

In this case, caribou….The antlers are hard to camouflage……

IMG_8947 (1)

And if you wait for just the right angle….the caribou appear.

IMG_8955 (1)

They are magnificent creatures…..


Always alert for those antlers…..we spotted a number of caribou on our drives. These we saw on the Kantishna drive.There were two groups lying together….these….


And these two adults with a baby. So cute!

IMG_9182 (1)

And this big guy, spotted on drive back from Toklat and our Tundra hike. He turned is best? side to us. Oh well….

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