Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sled Dogs and Other Wildlife in Denali

On Sunday Aug 5th – After hiking the Savage River trail in the morning, we headed back out towards the Visitor’s Center at the front of the campground for the afternoon.

We stopped by the Denali Sled Dog Kennels just in time for their 2 pm tour.


It was fun to get to meet some of the dogs and have a chance to pet and love on them. I was impressed by how well behaved these dogs were. No barking, or snapping at anyone.


Denali keeps a team of sled dogs for use in patrolling the park during the winter months when the park road is covered in snow, but the park is still open to those who want to ski or sled. Denali’s sled dogs are much larger than the Iditarod dogs that we had seen. It was explained to us that the larger sized dog is used more typically for hauling heavier loads.

IMG_9071 (1)

Then, we watched a demonstration! Boy, can those dogs RUN! And they love it!

After the tour of the Denali Kennels, we headed to the camper services area for a shower, then into town for some dinner.

I thought that I might include in this post a few of the other creatures that we saw along our way……

IMG_9085 (1)

On Monday, we rode the bus to the Toklat area to join a ranger-led ‘Discovery’ hike. Along the way, the bus stopped for this coyote who was sleeping in the middle of the road. He had several buses stopped for pictures, when he got up….


And headed down into the brush…..

IMG_9093 (2)

But not before I got several pictures.

IMG_9015 (1)

We also spotted this red fox while touring on the Kantishna bus. He was along side of the road, and quick as….well, a fox! It is a bit unusual to catch a red fox as his fur is changing to more of the black coloring. It makes them so pretty.

IMG_9050 (1)

These Dall sheep…spotted along the Savage River…..

IMG_8983 (1)

And these, very far away, we spotted from the Kantishna bus. We never did get close to any sheep. They tend to stay in the very high areas, where they are protected from predators.

IMG_9060 (1)

This little squirrel was just so cute…….


And this, is a magpie…..Beautiful markings…common here, but I don’t think that we have them back home.

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