Monday, August 27, 2012

Denali Landscapes

A few pictures to show you the grandeur of Denali…….


Much of the Denali landscape consists of these wide, u-shaped valleys that were carved out by the glaciers. Across the valley runs the gravel glacial moraine that was left behind. Across this moraine flows braided ribbons of water.


The Polychrome range…named for the many colors of rock and mineral deposits.


The Savage River trail follows the drainage of the Savage River.


The Savage River…..As the rivers flow,  they cut v-shaped valleys……


Until they reach the glacial floor where they widen out into broad ribbons of water.



There are several distinct areas of vegetation in Denali. In the lower park area you find thickets of willows where the moose and caribou like to hide.


The upper park has broad, open tundra.

IMG_9116 (1)


And of course…in the background….is the mountain. Mt. McKinley (also known as Denali, or ‘the big one’). We did catch sight of the mountain on our bus ride on Monday. The clouds lifted for just a short while. Just long enough to say “We saw it!” and to get a picture, of course.

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