Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fishing The Russian River and The Kenai

We stayed at Russian River Campground Aug 7 & 8th, just past Cooper Landing (on the Sterling Hwy - mile 53) on the way to Homer.The campground was very nice, no hook-ups, but vey nice, private sites.
Wednesday, August 8th, Dave took a guided fishing trip on the Upper Kenai…..we had been told that they are having a very good run on sockeye salmon, and Dave hoped to catch is limit of 3 sockeyes.
While Dave was off fishing, Fred, Laura, and I took a drove into Cooper’s Landing to have breakfast at Gwin’s Lodge. A very nice start for a special day. Did I mention that Aug. 8th is our anniversary? 37 years! Happy Anniversary, darling….
After breakfast, we took Jade for a walk along the Russian River….
Where we watched people fishing.
We have learned a lot by watching and asking questions. We learned that the big red sockeyes, which we easily spotted swimming upstream, were the males and were not good for eating. When one was caught, it was released, so as not to count for your limit. The fishermen hoped to catch only the silver colored, female sockeyes.
As we strolled along the board walked trail by the river, we enjoyed the beautiful flowers. The Fireweed is in full bloom…..
As well as the Larkspur.
IMG_9221 (1)
We were surprised by a black bear that strolled down by the stream to catch a fish.He was really quick at it, and disappeared up the trail with his fish in his mouth.
Back at the camper, we ate lunch and enjoyed a quiet afternoon catching up on some reading and blog writing.
About 5 pm, we picked Dave up from his day on the Kenai. He had caught 3 nice sockeye salmon which the guide had filleted. We dropped the fish off to be vacuumed packed and frozen, planning to pick them up on our way back through so that Laura and Dave could take them home on the airplane.
We had kept one nice fillet out which we grilled for dinner. Delicious! Boy are Laura and Dave going to enjoy those fish when they get home!
For dessert……roasted marshmallows over a campfire…..
Thursday, August 9th Laura and Dave decided to take the morning to try their hand at fishing, without a guide, at the Kenai – Russian River Confluence.
They had rented waders and poles……
And crossed the Kenai on the ferry to get into position to fish from the opposite bank. This ferry ran, hooked on a rope, across the river, using the downstream current to push it both ways. Very interesting.
They gave it a good go….fishing for several hours….
Practicing their casting and fly tying skills……
They had a number of bites…..and landed a red male or two, which they released…..but no silvers to take home. It was a fun time, anyway, with a unique experience of fishing in Alaska.
That afternoon, it was time to head on down the road. Next stop Homer…….

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