Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Portage Glacier

Tuesday, August 7th – On our way from Denali to Cooper Landing, we stopped by Portage Glacier……


And went glacier viewing on the MV Ptarmigan day boat cruise….

This glacial lake was not here 100 years ago. Then, Portage Glacier covered the entire area, and prospectors would use the glacier to cross over to Seward. With the glacier’s retreat, the 500 ft deep Portage lake was left behind.


The waterfalls from the run off from the glaciers and ice field look so pretty.


Portage Glacier……


200 feet high above the water, 300 feet below….1 mile wide…..moves down the mountain about 1.5 feet /day.


So much fun to share this with Laura and Dave…..

IMG_9209 (1)

And to see it again, ourselves.


A few pictures of that wonderful blue ice…..


Glaciers sometimes look ‘dirty’ because of the dirt and rock which stick to the ice as it moves down the mountainside. As the ice melts, the dirt is left behind.

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