Friday, August 31, 2012

Kayaking Kachemak Bay

Friday, August 10 – We caught the water taxi out across Kachemak Bay to go kayaking with Seaside Adventure. We had done this guided excursion two years before when we had been in Homer with our friend Becky, and thought that it would be fun to share this with Laura and Dave.
The ride out on the water taxi was a lot less exciting than the last time had been. The water was calmer (though not calm) and we were not bounced all over the boat. I love coming up on Rick and Dorla’s place…..It was designed by Rick to blend into the hillside.
After getting outfitted with life jackets and kayak skirts and paddles …..that is a paddle, not a harpoon….though Laura does look a bit like “Nanook of the North”  : )   ……..
And getting some basic instructions from Rick…..
We got in the kayaks……and  headed out to explore the shoreline around several of the islands in Kachemak Bay.
Rick took this picture four of all of us in the kayaks. It was the first time in a kayak for Laura and Dave, though all of us have done quite a bit of canoeing. Laura and Dave were naturals….DSC07471
Not even hesitating to go exploring a little ways into this cave.
We kept our eyes out for any cute marine mammals…….DSC07490
Like this little sea otter.
And we examined other interesting creatures, like this Sunflower Sea Star.
The helpers, Mary at Catoo helped gather the ingredients, like this kelp, for our beach soup for lunch.
At lunchtime, we stopped on a gravel bar …..
And went with Rick in search of a few ‘extras’ to throw in the soup. Here, Rick shows us the wild herb, goose tongue.
Mary and Catoo started the soup. Lunch was delicious! Beach soup, with smoked salmon and rice added to fresh sea ingredients and a few spices added from the beach, and accompanied by fresh homemade bread.  Yum!
After lunch, Rick pulled out a few special arrowheads and other artifacts which he had collected over the years and told us about the natives which had lied on these islands.
It was a wonderful way to really ‘experience’ the seaside aspect of Alaska.

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