Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Watching The Coastline

May 22-25th -There were a number of places along this section of coastline where we could park and hike a section of coastal trail.


Jade enjoyed these outings, too, as the coastal trail was part of the state park system which allows dogs on the trails.


We spent some time each day just enjoying watching the waves crash on the rocky shore and seeing what we could see…..


If you look closely in this picture, you can see a small opening in the sea cave where water flows through…surging with each wave.


These craggy inlets zig and zag along the shoreline.

IMG_5465 (2)

A flock of pelicans flew over…….

IMG_5404 (1)

These seagulls and cormorants nest on this bluff.

IMG_5427 (1)

This was one of the most fascinating things that we saw…..a sea otter and a seagull…IMG_5408 (1)

Cooperating…or playing….as they fed. The little otter was swimming around the seagull, and would surface with a fish. Then, they would share…….. This happened repeatedly over the 15 min or so that we watched.     : )

While looking for opportunities to enjoy the coastline, we hiked out to Point Cabrillo Lighthouse. The lighthouse was built in 1909. In a nearby cove rests the remains of the “Frolic” shipwreck. An interesting tidbit - The Frolic was shipwrecked in 1850, but before the owners could salvage the cargo, the Pomo Indians found it. The Indians removed most of the cargo and the Pomo  were later found wearing silk shawls, with the remains of Chinese ginger jars and housewares in their homes.


There is just something about lighthouses that seems so…..romantic. I guess it’s the idea of living right by the water….and keeping watch….always keeping the light lit to guide the way.

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  1. Love the orrer seagull encounter! What a memorable treat for you.