Friday, May 4, 2012

The Movies

April 24th – As it turned out, my sister, Joann, was going to be in Escalante for several days while we were there. Tuesday evening, we invited Joann over to the Shooting Star for the Drive-In picture show.


Several times a week, the Shooting Star provides old classic movie entertainment for their guests…..


And what could be better than sitting at the drive-in in an old classic car……All re-done on the inside to provide sound and comfort, without those old speakers (which never seemed to work).


Top that off with pop-corn or a snack from the “Snack Shack” – located in a classic remodeled Airstream. This is Mark, the proprietor of the Shooting Star.


You can have your choice of drinks – cream soda, root beer or Coca Cola, and remember Necco’s, or those candy ‘cigarettes’ (not very pc, now).

Our movie experience began with some good old Bugs Bunny, followed by a Flash Gordon episode. The main feature was “Viva Las Vegas” with Elvis and Ann Margaret. Why do these guys look so young???


Speaking of Airstreams…..The Shooting Star has Airstreams that you can rent to stay in……


And feel like a movie star on location……maybe Audrey Hepburn…….


Or Humphrey Bogart. Very cool……

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